Patrick Kungl
Patrick Kungl, CFA® Portfolio Strategist

Patrick oversees portfolio construction and analysis, risk management, investment research and execution. He considers multiple viewpoints from many sources before arriving at an informed decision. He helps our clients simplify their lives and navigate major decisions. He works collaboratively with them to build and manage investment portfolios they can feel comfortable and confident in throughout the market’s ups and downs. He spends his days reviewing market trends and economic data and meeting with our investment committee to discuss portfolio changes, updates and future ideas. He also meets with our external partners to discuss market conditions and timely ideas and ensures our trading operations run smoothly.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst®, Patrick holds one of the world’s most respected and recognized investment designations. He has the skills necessary for high-level, specialized asset-management responsibilities, including security analysis, portfolio management and business reporting.

Patrick joined the Henderson Hutter Group in 2016 and transitioned into his role as a full-time investment partner in 2017. He moved to Raymond James with our team in 2019, drawn by the firm’s collaborative culture and robust resources. Patrick graduated from the Freeman Business School at Tulane University with a degree in finance with an energy specialization.

Patrick helped the nonprofit, LearnToLive, develop financial projections and a slide deck, which were presented to a philanthropic foundation with the objective of securing funds to build their very own learning center in Indonesia. Together, Lee and Patrick hope to assist in building the learning center sometime in 2023.

Patrick grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to New Orleans for school in 2013. Outside of the office, Patrick enjoys New Orleans’ many festivals, restaurants, volunteer opportunities and sporting events. Patrick is a hiking enthusiast and loves exploring national parks (Utah and Arizona parks are his personal favorites) and watching college or professional football (Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns).

Q&A: Personally speaking

  • Q. If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have?
    I’d be a marine biologist. I enjoy being around water, and there’s so much about the ocean that is yet to be explored.
  • Q. What’s the one thing that might surprise others about you?
    I tried to teach myself how to play the saxophone during the pandemic. I still have a lot of practicing to do.
  • Q. How do you define success?
    Being happy with what you do, who you do it with and the people you meet along the way

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