Alli Eis
Alli Eis Manager of Special Projects, HHG Branch Professional, RJFS

Alli is excited to be working with the Henderson Hutter Group again after previously working with them from 2018 to 2020. In her current role as the manager of special projects, she serves as the first point of contact for the Henderson Hutter Group’s special projects and events, working behind the scenes to ensure her teammates have what they need to serve their clients well in their respective roles.

Prior to her return to Raymond James, Alli was an operations manager in early-stage startups. A graduate of both San Diego State University and Tulane University, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in international security and conflict resolution as well as a Master of Public Health degree in global health systems and development.

In her spare time, Alli enjoys visiting new bakeries, rooting on her local sports teams, and renovating her family cabin built in 1965. She travels frequently and considers her trips to Taiwan, Portugal, and Colombia highlights of the past few years. In fact, if she wasn’t working at Raymond James, she would be a travel agent - combining her love of travel with proclivity for client service. Her bucket-list destination is The Seychelles.

Originally from Oakland, California, she currently resides there with her partner, Christian.


  • Q. What are your must have travel items?
    Books. And no, not a Kindle. And yes, that’s plural. I need to bring at least two on every trip, typically foregoing actual necessities, because I’m not sure what “reading mood” I’ll be in once I get there.

  • Q.What is your favorite kind of trip? Why?
    I like a trip with exactly one scheduled activity per day. Leave it to chance and you’ll miss out on something, but schedule too much and you have no room for adventure!

  • Q. What’s the one thing that might surprise others about you?
    I lived in three countries before I was ten!