Tiffani N. Birdon-Culpepper
Tiffani N. Birdon-Culpepper Tax Planning Associate, HHG Branch Professional, RJFS

As tax planning associate for the Henderson Hutter Group, Tiffani strives to have an influential impact on the team’s clients’ well-being and happiness. Dependable and nurturing, Tiffani brings exemplary service to her daily tasks and values the overall experience of their clients. She aims to provide clients with a sense of comfort by demonstrating her care for their peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

A graduate of West Orange-Stark High School, Lamar State College – Orange and Lamar University, Tiffani holds degrees in both natural science and multidisciplinary studies. In her daily work with the Henderson Hutter Group, she collaborates with the team and our clients to provide individualized tax planning strategies and analyze future tax liabilities. Tiffani’s ultimate goals are to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with our clients as well as become a trusted point of contact for their financial inquiries.

Tiffani defines success as the time she spends doing what she loves, and enjoying the happiness that spreads to others when you fulfill your purpose. Hard-working and driven, Tiffani enjoys painting, traveling, cooking, and volunteering in her community in her spare time. She values spontaneity and adventure and correlates her love of travel to her passion for exploring new places and cultures. A lifelong learner, she attributes her personal success to the love and support of her family.

Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, Tiffani currently resides in New Orleans.


  • Q.What are your must have travel items?
    I must bring headphones for my music, a bathing suit because it’s not a vacation if you don’t go swimming, and most importantly a book to read.

  • Q.What’s the one thing that might surprise others about you?
    I am a huge horror movie fan; I love all things spooky and dark!

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